SIC is now Haqqman Agency! 📢

Sep 26, 2019

We are excited to announce that Snazzee Interactive Company — SIC will rebrand to Haqqman Agency (A software development agency owned by Haqqman). Why? Well, a lot has changed since 2013 and we think the new brand better reflects the work we do. 2018 was a busy year for us at SIC, and as we entered our sixth year of business, we decided to freshen up our look. To reflect this change, we’re changing our logos and will now be accessible via our new website.

As valued clients, we’re excited to announce that in the coming weeks, you’ll start to see changes to our corporate identity.

As from November 13, 2019 Haqqman Agency logo identity will be fully implemented across our website, social media profiles, and visual brand assets. To see weekly updates on our progress, follow us on our social media channels.

This name change is part of our strategy targeted to emphasize the strength of our capabilities, our growth, and our commitment to helping our clients identify their position in the marketplace.

After some in-depth research, market analysis, and talking with some of our clients, we felt the new brand; Haqqman Agency, will enable us to accomplish our local and global growth objectives, while fostering and developing new client relationships. This will put us in a better competitive position with current agencies.

What this means for our existing clients is that it’s business as usual, however with better brilliance, professionalism, and service delivery.

As we start this process, we’d like to take some time and thank our loyal clients and associates. Without you, this would not be possible.

Abdulhaqq Sule

Husband. Dad. Tech Entrepreneur at Haqqman. Striving for exciting possibilities while building Linqman and Seapane.

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