Linqman Beta Announcement 📢

Sep 29, 2020

Exciting times are ahead of us. I’m excited to give you a glimpse into our future with Linqman! We have been working on a new product that makes it tremendously easy to promote who you are and what you do in one link.

The Haqqman team have now released an “early beta” version of Linqman application that shows the overall user interface direction and user experience. It is important to note that Linqman is still a work in progress.

Many technical aspects of Linqman will be improved daily. With that in mind, here it is;

You can access and manage Linqman on either a desktop, laptop or on mobile devices.

Our goal is to make it possible for you to easily refer your audience to websites, blogs, digital media, offers and more, by configuring up to a maximum of five (5) call-to-actions under one unique link. Beyond the home page of the Linqman Website, here are a few other pages to explore to get a sense of where we are going:

Learn more — Experience the easiest way to maximize the only link available on most of our social media profiles.
Use cases — Various ways you can utilize Linqman to gain traction.
Best Practices — Get more out of your website link on your social media bio.
Pricing — Compare pricing plans

Screenshot of a Linqman Profile

Linqman is the most simple, reliable and interactive approach to maximize the website field in our social media profiles.

The call-to-action (CTA) are simply quick links designed to provoke an immediate response from an audience, getting them to respond through click actions.

By using Linqman, you don’t have to prioritize the only link that should be available on your social media profiles. You now have the opportunity to promote more links on your social media profiles.

Any questions? Feel free to contact us.

With this beta launch, we have provided a transparent medium for you to contact us or leave your comments. Simple visit the Contact us page and complete the form. We will get in touch as soon as possible.

Alternatively, you can also send us an email via [email protected]

Known Issues

As noted in this announcement, this is an “early beta” of Linqman. In fact, you might say it is a “very early beta” or even an “alpha” version. There are many known issues, including:

- Some pages are still in progress
- Some features are still under development
- The URL structure will be improved
- The navigation menus will be improved as we progress
- A more responsive stack is being used to redesign the website

Our main goal right now is to give you an initial view of where we are going with Linqman and to get any initial feedback.

Future Beta Periods

Over the next weeks and months we will be working on improving existing features and also introducing new feature.

Continuing The Journey

With this Linqman beta online, we now begin the challenging work of scaling Linqman to the best CTA service provide across the globe.

I will do my best to constantly write about this journey as we move ahead. Watch out for future blog posts from me explaining why we are making some of the changes; what some of the important new features are; what choice we made for our development stack; and so much more. I want to share more with you so that you can understand where we are going — and so that you can provide your feedback about what we are doing.

Join us in the journey by signing up on Linqman

Abdulhaqq Sule

Husband. Dad. Tech Entrepreneur at Haqqman. Striving for exciting possibilities while building Linqman and Seapane.

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