About Business Affairs

Business Affairs provides useful resources, products and services for Nigeria's sole proprietors, small business owners and startups. Our goal is to help business owners start, run, grow and help turn business idea into a profitable business.

We offer free online advice in the form of news articles, guides, tips and features that can point you in the right direction to start and run your own small business.

Although we are an online-only service and therefore cannot offer individual business advice over the phone or by email, we've partnered with Zaslam Consult to provide individual business advice to everyone.

Made up of in-house staff writers and freelancers, the Business Affairs team is full of writers, designers, journalists, editors, marketers, and subject matter experts who believe in the power of stories. We’ve witnessed hands-on how thoughtfully developed and regularly distributed content builds brands that people resonate with, trust, and patronize.

Business Affairs is brought to you by Haqqman, a leading technology company that empower individuals and organizations to achieve more while offering a suite of digital and creative services through it's Agency.

Haqqman flagship products are Linqman and Seapane.

Business Affairs is incorporated in Abuja, its main location of operation.

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